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Pet & Feed

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    Animal Feed

    Whether you own a Chicken, a goat or a horse, we have all of the feed and supplies you need to keep your farm animal healthy and happy. Camp Abbot Trading Co. has everything from Poultry feed and accessories to bedding and hay to horse and livestock supplies. We carry products from top quality brands like: Purina, Bayer, Martins and much more. learn more »
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    Pet Feed

    In Central Oregon and around the country we love our pets. At Camp Abbot Trading Co. we totally understand. You will find plenty of employees who take pride in helping with your pet. We can help you choose the right food, medications, training supplies and more for your cat, dog or small animal. You’ll find a large variety of supplies and toys and look forward to meeting you and your pet. learn more »
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    Pet Supplies

    Keep your pets fed, healthy, and entertained. At Camp Abbot Trading Co., carry cat and dog food, flea shampoos, and pet accessories like collars, leads, pet beds, carriers and toys.   learn more »

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    Wild Bird Feeders & Food

    Camp Abbot Trading Co. carries the highest quality bird seed, suet and bird feeders. Premium bird seed is fresh, clean, contains no fillers, and is formulated for the birds of our area.

    When you use high quality bird seed, you will notice an increase in the number and variety of birds that visit your feeder. Additionally, less seed will be wasted by using seed blends cultivated to the preferences of the birds in your area. learn more »